ISAR StarClub – in English

February 23, 2020 – 16h Horário de Brasília

Annual Profections and the Solar Revolution – Integrating Methods to uncover the deeper layers of Transits

February 23, 2020
ISAR StarClub in English

In this lecture I will show specific techniques on how to integrate the analysis of Annual Profections considering other techniques, such as Solar Revolution, Transits, and the promises of the Natal Chart. Beginning with a combination of the Profected ascendant and the ruler of the year contrasted with the Solar Revolution focusing on Transits to determine the areas that will be most important in the year with the most remarkable days and months.

In this lecture you’ll learn:
• How to identify the Lord of the Year
• What’s the importance of the Profected Ascendant
• How to compare the Solar Revolution with the Natal Chart
• When Transits will trigger events

Paula Belluomini, CAP, é consultora Astrológica focada em Astrologia Natal e nos Regentes do Tempo.